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App Cloner Mod APK is a most popular android application that empowers all users to make multiple clone or modify existing applications.  With the latest version of App Cloner Mod APK, all the users can make multiple copy of a specific application and also modify it according to their best preferences, such as changing the name, Icon, and also disabling all the annoying Ads.
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App Cloner Mod Apk is an android application that empowers all users to make multiple clone and modify existing android applications  on their mobile devices.  With this premium application, all the users can make multiple copy of a most favourite application and also modify it according to their best preferences, such as changing the name, Icon , and also disabling all the annoying Ads. The cloner application offers an extensive variety of unlocked premium Features, including privacy options, strong pattern, PIN and most advanced fingerprint Lock, amazing display options to fully customize the app’s Mod menus and popups, and the special ability to change application settings .

Overall , the Dual App Cloner Mod APK latest version is an extremely help tool for all those who want to use multiple versions of a application such as, social media app or desire to personalize existing application to according to their particular requirements .

App Cloner Mod APK

App Cloner Mod APK Features

Here are few prominent features of App Cloner Mod APK latest version :-

  • Batch Cloning :-

With the dual parallel space multiple all App Cloner lite Mod APK arm file premium version , you can freely Create  multiple clones Of a favourite  app in One go . That makes very comfortable to manage your  Multiple accounts .

  • Save Cloned Apps:-

You can easily  save Cloned apps  On your android device and  Install them later ,  Without having to go  Through the cloning  Process again .

  • Replace Launcher Icons :-

You can also change  The launcher icon Of your all  cloned apps to Differentiate  them from the Original version of popular app .

  • Clone Watch Apps and Watch Faces :-

The super multiple all App Cloner Premium Mod APK arm file lite version  also Allows you to make clone of Watch apps and  Watch faces .  This premium feature is particularly very  Useful for those  who use Smartwatches .

  • Display Options :-

You can easily customize the Display of  your cloned Apps  by changing all Status , navigation , and  toolbar Colors , app display Size , different language , and  font Size , and   by enabling Immersive Mode .

  • Privacy Options :-

The Best dual parallel space all App Cloner pro Mod APK no ads premium all version provides  additional Privacy options , Such as strong  password Protection , incognito Mode , hiding Android ID or IMEI , Preventing screenshots , and  Spoofing your location .

  • Storage Options :-

You can  allow all apps to be installed  On an SD card , redirect external storage , and easily  clear cache On exit .

  • Launching Options :-

You can freely  Remove widgets and  app Icon , Disable app defaults and disable Auto-start .

  • Networking Options :-

User can also  disable Mobile data and  background Networking , and  enable a advance SOCKS proxy .

  • Notification Options :-

You can  freely Filter notifications , silence Notifications , and  change notification Color to distinguish the app easily.

  • Automation Options :-

You can also set Brightness and  mute on Start , control Wi-Fi and  Bluetooth , and also  enable Do Not  Disturb Mode .

  • Cloning for multiple accounts :-

If you have  Multiple accounts On a  single app , You can esily use  the Best multiple all App Cloner Mod APK no crash all new version  to freely Clone  that favourite app and  Sign in with  different  accounts at a time. This is very useful  If you require to  Manage multiple social Media  or email Accounts .

  • Spoofing locations :-

You can use  the dual parallel space all App Cloner lite Mod APK file arm premium all version to spoof  Your location for Apps freely  that use location Data . This can be more Useful  if you want to Access important content  that’s Only available  in specific regions , Or if you want  to Hide your real Location  from a particular App .

  • Changing Android ID and hiding IMEI :-

The Best Multiple all App Cloner pro Mod APK ARM file premium all version Allows you  to freely change the Android ID and  hide the IMEI number  for all cloned Apps . This can be more Useful  for specific privacy Reasons . This unlocked premium feature  Make it  harder for all Apps to  track your Device and  your activity .

  • Password protection and Incognito Mode :-

The super dual parallel space all App Cloner premium Mod APK ARM file all version also provide  several privacy Features , including strong Password protection  for all Apps and  an incognito Mode  that doesn’t require to save  Your browsing history .

  • Floating apps and free-form Windows :-

You can also use Multiple all  App Cloner premium Mod APK latest version to create  Floating apps and  Free-form windows  for Cloned apps . This fully allows you  to Multitask more efficiently and  Use multiple apps at  the Same time .

  • Multi-window support :-

If your device  Supports multi-window Mode , you Can easily use parallel all App Cloner blue Mod APK to Enable  multi-window support for all  Cloned apps . This allows you  to freely Use multiple apps  side-by-side On  your Device screen .

  • Notification options :-

You can freely  Customize notification settings for specific  Cloned apps , including Filtering all notifications , Changing particular notification colors , and  Silencing notifications .

  • Incompatibility warnings :-

The Multiple Grindr App Cloner premium Mod APK no root latest version also warns you  About specific apps  that May not work properly  When cloned . This includes Apps  that rely On a  specific certificate , Such as  Google apps , and  Apps  that use advanced  Copy-protection .

  • Display Options:-

    • Change status , Navigation , and toolbar Colors .
    • Change rotation lock .
    • Floating apps and Free-form windows .
    • Change app display Size , language , and font Size .
    • Keep screen On and immersive Mode .
    • Multi-window support .
  • Privacy Options :-

    • Password-protect apps .
    • Incognito Mode for apps .
    • Exclude app from Recents .
    • Change Android ID , hide IMEI , Wi-Fi MAC .
    • Remove permissions .
    • Prevent screenshots .
    • Spoof location .
  • Storage Options :-

    • Allow apps to be Installed on SD-card .
    • Redirect external storage .
    • Clear cache On exit .
  • Launching Options :-

    • Remove widgets , App icon .
    • Disable auto-start .
    • Disable app defaults .
  • Networking Options :-

    • Disable mobile data and Background networking .
    • SOCKS proxy
  • Notification Options :-

    • Notification filter .
    • Silence notifications .
    • Change notification color .
  • Automation Options :-

    • Set brightness and Mute on start .
    • Do not Disturb , Wi-Fi , and bluetooth Controls .
  • Incompatibilities :-

    • Cloned apps may crash , Show errors , or work Incorrectly .
    • Features that depend On  the app certificate  like Google account logins , Google Play Services , Google Play Games, Google Drive backup , Or  in-app purchases  will not Work .
    • When an app is cloned , Its certificate  is changed ,  Which can cause  the Clone to malfunction  If the app checks for the  Certificate’s validity Or  uses sophisticated Copy-protection measures .
    • Some apps that Cannot be cloned  are most Google apps , BBM , Evernote , Grab , Kodi , OneDrive , Skype for Business , Trello , WeChat ,  WhatsApp , and  YouTube
    • Anti-virus apps May show warnings for  Cloned apps . These warning Messages  are actually false Positives and  can be Disregarded . This is Because  they are triggered  by The unofficial certificate  That is used to  sign Clones .

App Cloner Mod APK


In conclusion , App Cloner Mod APK latest version  is a Powerful application . That Allows all users  to freely Create and  install Multiple copies of  their Existing apps . It provides a Multitude  of modding Options , enabling all Users to freely  customize their Clones  by changing Names , icons , Permissions , and  adding premium Functionality  such as strong Password protection  Or incognito Mode . The app Offers  both free and  Premium versions ,  With the premium version  Providing access to  more Features and  allowing Up to  20 clones (With the  option to Donate and  unlock up to 1000 Clones) . Overall , App Cloner updated version  is a very Useful tool for all those who want to use multiple accounts at a same time or fully customize their favourite applications .



Q:-  What is  App Cloner Mod APK ?

Multiple all App Cloner mod apk   is a Modified version Of  the Original App Cloner app  that Allows users to  Enjoy premium features  Without having to pay  for a Subscription .

Q :-  What  is the Purpose of  App Cloner Mod Apk?

Multiple allApp Cloner Pro   allows Users to modify and  Customize apps in  Order to create Multiple versions  Of the same app . It also allows  for The installation Of  apps from Sources other  Than the Google Play Store .

Q :- How  do I Download and install  App Cloner Mod APK ??

You can download Multiple all App Cloner Pro  from a  Reliable source , such as . After downloading  The file , you will Need  to enable Unknown sources  in your Device settings and  then Install the  app as you would  With any other APK file .

Q :-  What  features does  App Cloner Mod APK Offer ?

Multiple all App Cloner Pro   offers all Of the features  Of the premium version Of  the Original app , Including  the ability to  Clone premium apps , Create  multiple app Clones , and  customize Clones  using a multitude of  Modding options .

Q :-  What apps  Can be cloned using  App Cloner Mod APK ?

Most apps  can be Cloned using Multiple all  App Cloner Pro  , But there are  some Exceptions . For example , Apps  that depend On the  app certificate , Such as  Google Play Services  Or Google Drive backup , Will not work  when Cloned . Additionally , some Apps , such as  WhatsApp and  YouTube , cannot be  Cloned at all .

Q :- How many  Clones can I create using  App Cloner Mod APK ?

The premium Version  of Multiple all App Cloner Pro apks  allows Users to create up  to 20 Clones . But this Limit  can be extended  by Donating to  support Development and  unlocking up  to 1000 Clones .

Q :- Does App Cloner Mod Apk  require Root access ?

No , Multiple all App Cloner Premium   does not Require root access  in Order to be used .

Q :- Is App Cloner Mod Apk compatible  With other apps ?

Yes , Multiple all App Cloner Premium   is compatible  With most apps , however , some Apps  may not be Cloned or  supported .

Q :- Does App Cloner Mod Apk  contain any Ads ?

No , Multiple all App Cloner Premium   does not Contain any ads .

 Q :- Does App Cloner Mod Apk  have Any in-app purchases ?

No , Multiple all App Cloner Premium APKs  does Not have any  in-app Purchases .



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