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TextPlus Mod APK  is an advanced of the most popular application TextPlus, providing all the users with additional features and  expanded functionality . It empower all the users to send messages and make calls worldwide using a free US phone number . This enhanced version provides additional advantages and unlocks premium features that are not available in the regular application.
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TextPlus Mod APK  is an advanced of the most popular application TextPlus, providing all the users with additional features and  Expanded functionality . It empower all the users to send messages and make calls worldwide using a free US phone number . This enhanced version provides additional advantages and unlocks premium features that are not available in the regular application.

With TextPlus Mod APK Latest Version of the premium application, you can fully enjoy premium features  such as Unlimited messaging and calling without any charges . You can communicate with your best friends and Family across the globe, even If they do not have  the application installed . The app Provides  a free US phone Number,  Which you can Use for  various purposes Like verifying accounts  on Platforms such as Telegram and  PayPal .

The latest version of TextPlus Offers all the Features of the  Premium version , Similar to the  Talkatone Mod APK . It can be Installed  on Android devices running OS 6.0 and  higher . In this Version , ads are Removed, giving you a  Seamless and uninterrupted Experience.

Textplus Mod APK

Textplus Mod APK Premium Features

The prominent features Of TextPlus Mod APK latest version include :-

  • Unlimited Messaging and Calling :-

Enjoy  unlimited text Messaging and calling features  Without any charges . Maintain global Connections  with loved ones Across borders .

  • Free US Phone Number:-

Get a free  US local phone number Of  your choice . Use this Number  to make Calls , send Messages , and verify Accounts  on various Platforms .

  • Ad-Free Experience :-

The modified Version  removes ads , Providing a seamless and  Uninterrupted communication experience .

  • Group Texting :-

Establish groups and  Efficiently deliver messages to  Numerous contacts simultaneously . Share videos , Audio , and pictures  Within these groups .

  • Inbound Calling :-

Receive  unlimited Free incoming calls . Always stay connected  With your contacts .

  • Customization Options :-

Customize  your Text tone , ringtone , Vibration , and themes According  to your Preferences . Personalize  the App’s appearance and  sound Settings .

  • Real SMS Texting and Calling :-

Text and Call any phone  That accepts SMS texting , Even if  the Recipient doesn’t have the  app Installed .

  • Voicemail :-

Access and manage  your Voicemail messages  within the App .

  • Works Over WiFi Or Data :-

Use TextPlus Pro over  a WiFi connection or  Mobile data , Giving you flexibility  in Communication .

  • Compatibility :-

TextPlus Pro APK  works On android devices  Running OS 6.0 and higher .

  • Full Picture Messaging (MMS) :-

Send , receive , and Save pictures  through text Messages . Share images  With your contacts Seamlessly .

  • Quick Reply :-

Easily and  quickly Respond to messages  from Your friends  Without having to Open the app . Speed up  your Communication process .

  • Unified Inbox :-

Receive and  send your Texts directly  through Any device . Enjoy a  unified Messaging experience , Allowing you  to Access your conversations From  multiple devices .

  • Real-Time SMS Texting and Calling :-

TextPlus Premium allows you  to Send SMS texts and  make Calls to any phone Number  that accepts SMS Messaging . This includes  both Text-based communication and  Voice calls .

  • Access Permissions :-

TextPlus Pro may Require  certain access Permissions on  your Android device to Provide  its services . These permissions  May include finding Accounts on  the Device , reading and  Modifying contacts , Approximate and  precise Location access , Phone-related functions  Such as calling and  reading Phone status , and Camera access  for taking Pictures and  videos .

  • Sign-in Options :-

In addition to Creating  a TextPlus account , you Can also  sign in Using your  Microsoft Or Yahoo account for  Added convenience .

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements :-

The TextPlus Premium APK  regularly Receives updates  to fix Bugs , enhance Stability , and improve  Overall performance . These updates  Ensure a smooth user Experience and address  any Issues encountered  by Users .

  • Customizable Themes :-

Change the look and  Feel of the TextPlus app  by Selecting different themes . Choose from  Various color schemes and  Visual styles to personalize  The app’s appearance .

  • Stability Improvements :-

The TextPlus Pro  undergoes Regular updates to  Improve stability and  Performance . These updates Ensure  that the app Functions smoothly and  Minimizes crashes or Glitches .

  • App Settings :-

TextPlus Premium provides  Various settings options  That allow you to customize  The app to suit  your Preferences . Adjust notification Settings , contact Synchronization , privacy Settings , and  more to Enhance  your user Experience . Hileli Oyunlari Hilelerim APK, APKshub , Postegro Indir APK , Ocean of Games , apkzub , Gamehub .



In conclusion , TextPlus Mod apk is an App  that provides an Affordable and  convenient Way to  make calls and Send text messages , Especially for users  Who want to communicate Internationally or  require a Private phone number . It offers Features  such as cheap Calls to US and  Canadian phone Numbers , The ability  to make Nonstop calls at a  Low rate , a private Phone number  selection , Access to chat and  Call history , group Conversations , personalization Options , and compatibility  With various devices .

TextPlus Mod Apk  is a Modified version Of the app  that Offers premium features Unlocked , unlimited minutes , Limitless credit , and  removes Intrusive ads .  With the TextPlus , Users can enjoy  all the Benefits Of the premium features  Without having to Pay for  them or Watch ads . It also fixes  Any previous issues Or  bugs , Providing a stable and  Enhanced user experience .

Textplus Mod APK



Q :-  What is  TextPlus Mod APK?

A :- TextPlus Mod APK  is a Modified version Of the  Original TextPlus app . It offers  Additional features and benefits  That may not be Available  in the official Version .

Q:- Can I Get  a free US phone number  With TextPlus Mod APK ?

A :- Yes , TextPlus Mod APK  allows you to Get a  free US phone number  That you can Use for messaging and  calling Purposes . This feature  Can be useful for various Purposes  like verification or Communicating  with Contacts in the US .

Q :- Can I  use TextPlus Mod APK On  any Android device ?

A :- TextPlus Mod APKs  is Designed to work on  Android devices running OS 6.0 and Higher . Ensure  that your device Meets the  minimum requirements for Compatibility .

Q :- How can I  Download TextPlus Mod APK ?

A :- TextPlus Mod APK  can be Downloaded  from various Websites  that offer Modified APKs . However , it’s important  to Only download from  Trusted sources Such as proapks4u.com to  Avoid potential security Risks .

Q :- Can I use  Mod TextPlus Pro APK  Without an internet Connection ??

A :- No , TextPlus Mod APKs  requires an Internet connection .

Q :- Does Mod TextPlus Premium APK  work Internationally ?

A :- Yes , TextPlus Mod APK  allows you to Send messages and  make calls Worldwide .

Q :- Can I customize  The appearance and Settings  in TextPlus Pro APK Mod ?

A :- Yes , TextPlus Mod APKs  often Offers customization options  Such as themes , Text tones , ringtones , and  Vibration settings . These features  Allow you to personalize your  Messaging and calling Experience .

Q :- Is TextPlus Premium APK Mod  ad-Free ?

A :- Yes , in Most cases , TextPlus Mod APK  removes Advertisements , Providing an  ad-free experience for Users . This can enhance  Usability and reduce interruptions  While using the App .

Q :- Can I send  Multimedia messages (MMS) using  Mod APK TextPlus Pro ?

A :- Yes , TextPlus Mod APKs  typically Supports multimedia messaging (MMS) , Allowing you  to send and Receive pictures , videos , and Audio files in addition  to text Messages .


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What's new

  • Get rid of fullscreen ads when you credit swap for Ad-free Lite!
  • US 911 calling now supported
  • New features and Bug Fixes
  • Other Optimizations

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