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YOWhatsApp APK is an enhanced version Of the  Original WhatsApp for android Users. It Offers  additional features not Available  in the Original app ,  Such as  hiding blue Ticks , in-built App lock , Sending messages  to Unsaved numbers , Customization options , and  more Emoji and emoticons . The App also  Supports over 100 languages , Allows for  call blocking , allows for  Setting a custom Wallpaper , has a  library Of themes , and  allows for file Sharing Of  up to 700 MB . Some Of  its Privacy features Include hiding Online status , fingerprint lock  for Chats , Call privacy , and  Setting privacy for groups and Chats .
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Y0WhatsApp APK latest is a Special version Of the  Original WhatsApp application for android Users. It also Offers  additional features not Accessible  in the Original version of the application ,  Such as  hiding blue Ticks , Sending messages  to Unsaved numbers , in-built App lock , Complete Customization options , and  more Emoji and emoticons . This premium Application also Supports over 100 different languages , Allows for  call blocking , also allows for  Setting a custom elegant Wallpaper , has a  library Of beautiful themes , and  allows for larger file Sharing Of  up to 700 MB . Some Of  its Privacy premium features Include hiding Online status , Call privacy , fingerprint lock  for Chats , and also Setting privacy for groups and Chats . You can easily free download Yowhatsapp APK latest version of premium app from APKPro .

Yowhatsapp APK latest version

Yowhatsapp APK Features

YoWhatsApp APK latest version  is a Modified version Of WhatsApp messenger app  that Offers several Additional features not present  in the Original version of app . Some Of  key features Include :-

  • Message Scheduler :-

Schedule messages  to be Sent at a specific time  In the future .

  • Message Any Number Without Saving in Contacts :-

You can  Send messages to any number  Without having to save It in your contacts .

  • Dynamic & Stunning Themes Collection :-

Using This Premium feature of YoWhatsApp APK latest version, You can  Customize the look Of your YoWhatsApp apk  With a collection Of dynamic and  stunning Themes .

  • Self-Destructive Messages :-

You can  Set messages to Automatically delete  after a Certain amount Of time .

  • Pause Last Seen :-

Pause your  last Seen status so  that  Others cannot see  When you were last Online .

  • Hide Forwarded Status :-

This Pro feature of YoWhatsApp APK updated version, Hides the Forwarded tag On messages  that You have received from  Others .

  • Control Who Can Call You :-

You can choose  Who can call you by  Setting specific restrictions .

  • See Deleted Message & Status :-

Using YoWhatsApp APK new version, You can  See deleted messages and Statuses from  Other users .

  • Hide View Status :-

Hides the  view Status option in  your Chat history .

  • Hide Tying Status :-

Using this feature , You can hides The typing status Of   Other users in your Chats .

  • Hide Second Ticks & Blue Ticks :-

This Pro feature of YoWhatsApp APK latest version, Hides the Second tick and  blue tick Indicators  in your Chats .

  • Show Blue Ticks After You Reply :-

You can  Choose to Only show blue ticks  after You have replied to a Message .

  • Send Photos in Original Quality :-

Send Photos in  their Original quality  Without any compression .

  • Disable Media Share Limit :-

You can  share an Unlimited number Of media files  Without any restrictions .

  • Hide Media from Gallery :-

This Premium feature of YoWhatsApp APK latest version, Hides your all  Media files from appearing  In your device’s Gallery .

  • Upload Status in 100% Quality :-

Upload Statuses  in 100% quality  Without any Compression .

  • Forward Messages up to 300 Chats :-

You can  forward Messages to up  to 300 chats at Once .

  • Lock Chats :-

Lock individual chats  With a password to Keep  them private .

  • Hide Chats :-

Hide specific Chats from  appearing in your Chat history .

  • DND Mode :-

Do Not Disturb mode Prevents you  from receiving any Messages Or calls .

  • Chat Head Message :-

Quickly access  your Chats from a chat head Icon .

  • DIY Theme :-

Create your  Own custom theme  With the DIY Theme feature .

  • Huge Collection Of Call Interface Themes :-

A collection  Of call interface Themes  to customize your Calling experience .

  • Find Real-Time Location Of Your Friend :-

You can  find the Real-time location Of your friends  using the In-app location sharing feature .

  • Multiple Backup Locations :-

Using this feature , You can save your Backups  to Multiple locations for added convenience and  Security .

  • Download DP & Status :-

You can  download display Pictures and  statuses from  Other users . Hileli Oyunlari Hilelerim APK , apkvision , APKrey , apkrabi , apkzube , Gamehub ,  apklite , APKshub , Modgame, Modgila , Ocean of Games , Postegro Indir APK , apkgstore .


In conclusion , YoWhatsApp apk latest version  is a advanced version Of  the popular messaging App , WhatsApp . It Offers  various Additional features  Such as  hiding Online status , Self-destructive messages , downloading DP & status , Hiding blue ticks and  Second ticks , control Who can call you , and many  more . YoWhatsApp latest version 2023  Is very easy to download and Install , and  It doesn’t require Rooting  your device . It also  Provides an OTA update to Inform users  about new Versions . Overall , YoWhatsApp apk updated 2023  is a Popular alternative version to the  Official WhatsApp  due to its Unique premium features  and customization Options .

Yowhatsapp APK latest version



Q :- Do I need  to Root my device to  Install YoWhatsApp APK update ?

No , you don’t need to Root your device  to Install YoWhatsApp APK latest version 2023 . it is designed  to work  Without rooting your android device .

Q :- What is the size Of  YoWhatsApp APK 2023 ?

The size Of  YoWhatsApp APK latest version 2023 is 65 MB .

Q :- What are the  requirements for Installing  YoWhatsApp APK update ?

Yo WhatsApp APK update  requires Android 4.0 Or  higher to be  installed On your device .

Q :- What is the latest version  Of YoWhatsApp APK update ?

The latest version Of   Yo WhatsApp APK updated version is v9.65 . You can download  latest Version from proapks4u.com .

Q :- Can i use two accounts  With YoWhatsApp APK update   On the same device ?

Yes , it’s possible  to Use two accounts On the Same device  With Yo WhatsApp apk update . You can Use  both the Official and  modded versions Of WhatsApp  Without uninstalling One .

Q :- Can i send Photos & status in Original quality ?

Yes , you can disable the Compression Of photos and  Status  by going to the Settings . In YoWhatsApp apk update Settings >> Universal Settings , enable the  Options for Send Photos in Best Quality  and  Send Status in Best Quality (100%) .

Q :- Can i hide my Online status ?

Yes , you Can hide  your Online status  by freezing your last Seen . This feature  Stops you from  appearing Online and always Shows the time  you Were last seen .


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